About Ombuds Brussels

Ombuds Brussels' mission is to see to it that the Brussels administrations pursue an effective policy and respect citizens' fundamental rights. This independent institution was set up by the Brussels Parliament in 2022.

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The Ombuds Brussels' actions

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    Dealing with complaints: we investigate complaints from people who are experiencing problems with a regional or municipal administration in Brussels. Our aim is to reconcile complainants' points of views with those of the public administrations concerned.

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    Breaches of professional integrity disclosures: we investigate disclosures of breaches of professional integrity by members of staff of the Brussels administrations and see to it that whistle-blowers are protected against possible reprisals.

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    Structural improvements: we intervene at a structural level to enhance the workings of the Brussels administrations by issuing opinions and recommendations to the public administrations, the Government, or Parliament.

Every year, we present a report on our most important findings and actions of the year gone by to the Brussels Parliaments. This report also contains recommendations to enhance the quality of the public services.

Our aim: reconciliation & amelioration

Our commitment is based on reconciling points of view and searching for improvements that will benefit everyone. We guarantee complete autonomy in our work and are guided by the values of neutrality, impartiality, goodwill, accuracy, and creativity. We make it a point of honour to be accessible to anyone who needs our services.

Our team

On 10 December 2021, Catherine De Bruecker was appointed as first Brussels ombudswoman, for a 5-year mandate. She works with a team of 10 people.

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Are you working for a Brussels administration?

If, in the context of a complaint, disclosure, or investigation you are involved with Ombuds Brussels, we would ask you to read this page to find out how we operate.

The institute's articles of association

Ombuds Brussels was set up by a joint law of the three Brussels Parliaments, to wit the Joint Decree and Ordinance of 26 April and 16 May 2019 on the Brussels Ombudsman.
The institution's house rules set out how we execute the tasks entrusted to us. They were ratified by the Brussels Parliaments in November 2022.

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